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Carol Fitzpatrick is an insightful teacher, mentor and guide. As a visionary and global community builder, her teachings center on opening the heart for living in the new paradigm of oneness consciousness. She is the author of two books and a monthly e-zine.  Her dharma or selfless service is the advocation of a new form of global activism - the joy of inner peace. Her teachings evolved around living from the heart as a way to shift life-long patterns created by misguided beliefs and perceptions toward a climate that is less polarized and more harmonious. Her teachings and transformational practices have taken form as spiritual mentoring, energetic healing, and group activations. As a part of her personal transformational work, she helps people to sense and see the subtle life force that supports their higher life path, their soul's expression here on earth. She teaches from direct knowing and models this knowing by an experiential learning process designed to open the heart and shift one's awareness away from separation toward a more harmonious state of wellbeing. Their work together has evolved into a world service organization called Center for Planetary Awakening.

Rick Ulfik is Founder and Board Chair of We, The World, Founder and a Principal Organizer of the WE Campaign at, UN Representative of Communications Coordination Committee for the UN, and Co-Producer of Visual Voices TV Series which was featured on the Dish Network and available in 15 million homes. Rick organizes and promotes scores of events and other activities to create a better world every year. Rick is also an accomplished composer and musician (keyboards) who has written, produced, arranged, conducted and performed music for ABC TV, NBC TV, CBS TV, the Olympics, radio, feature films, commercials, records, other media, and for major recording artists including Queen Latifah, Phoebe Snow, Carlos Santana, Bernadette Peters and Judy Collins. Rick Ulfik is the Founder and Board Chair of We, The World, a non-profit organization that develops global networks of collaboration and organizes large public gatherings to build mass involvement in the work of creating a peaceful, caring, sustainable world. Advisors and supporters include Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Daniel Ellsberg, Dr. Riane Eisler, Robert Thurman, William Schulz, Patch Adams, Hazel Henderson, & about 70 others.

Starseed Society is a collaborative organization of some of the world’s most progressive thinkers, visionaries, and creative minds who share a vision of world sustainability. We are a non-profit foundation that leads and supports a variety of different projects to advance food security, sustainability, housing, water conservation and purification, and free energy projects globally.


Starseed Society consists of several board members as well as Ambassadors. Starseed Society Ambassadors are trend-setters and leaders in their respective fields who collectively offer a wealth of knowledge and technologies and share a desire to advance global awareness and sustainability. Dr. Elizabeth Colton, a US Diplomat, is a Starseed Society Ambassador and board member who utilizes her connections and diplomatic abilities to introduce Starseed Society conferences and goals to the public as well as world leaders.


Starseed Society plans and hosts one day conferences where Starseed Society Ambassadors share their information, technologies, and experiences with attendees. These conferences will offer knowledge that will empower and transform communities as well as increase global awareness of this knowledge through the inevitable spread of this information.


These conferences are followed by 7 to 10 day festivals with workshops, music, art, and educational activities that foster community participation and cohesion. These transformational festivals will help lead communities into a more sustainable model that incorporates community input. An open source platform will be used to integrate this model with communities worldwide.



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Jonah Bolt has lived a charmed and unique journey, to say the least. He has traveled to 40 countries world-wide and has been published over a dozen times for his poetry and other writings. Given his grace and awakening to what is happening in this world, Jonah is inspired to empower through self-sustainability around the globe, build networks to gather the masses, and play a part in his father’s self-sustainability project called the “Domain.” ( His father, Ken Yolman, who worked and studied under Buckminster Fuller, has created an off grid self-sustainable community designed using Bucky's Geodesic Domes. Now with Jonah's redesign of the community, The Domain’s ‘Flower of Life’ pattern has been added and depicts the fundamental forms of space and time. With a NYC business background and skill set, along with his heart and passion to help others awaken to our truths and other ways of living in this world for a sustainable planet,  Jonah is a positive force of transformation that is not only electric and contagious, but has a message that none can deny.


Jonah has always been heavily involved in community development with organizations like, Transition Black Mountain, NC & Transition Asheville, NC (, Peacetown Asheville, NC (, Evolver ( and has met with the Mayor of Asheville & the Congressman's office about his self-sustainability project to help the homeless using aspects from the Domain" Eco-Village. He is a Youth NOW campaign activist, which reaches out to high school & college students across the globe, partnered & supported by We the World. (


His own personal business launches include Bolt Walker, Inc., a NYC business development firm launched in 2001 that specialized in making Digital Flyers for the nightlife industry as well as website development, marketing, and online promotional campaigns. Sober Nightlife, founded in Delray Beach, Florida in 2008, is the world's first and only online venue forum and event company for the sober community, providing sober parties for the sober community in Miami, NYC, LA, Akron-Ohio, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach & other cities all over South Florida. Bolt has built up the company to franchise it into licenses so that anyone in the world could host sober parties too. His ( company was featured on South Florida's Deco Drive TV show, The New Yorkers TV show, & on live TV with Jim & Jade in The Morning Talk Show on CBS.


Jonah is now serving currently as CEO for Starseed international ( and is Founder of a non for profit, Starseed Society. ( Bolt’s projects also include organizing Transition Asheville’s Official Coming-Out Party, honoring Asheville as the 88th transition town in the US & the International Day of Peace Event for Peacetown Asheville, an Asheville organization. Bolt helped organized the 2011 event in downtown Asheville which was sponsored by the United Nations Council. He is now the head organizer of the IDOP International Day of Peace in Asheville, NC for 2012. ( He also sits on the common table board of Transition Asheville, overseeing the Building & Housing Action Group.

Because of his vast network he has also been asked to join the committee that is organizing the Summit and has taken a lead role on the global media outreach committee.


Working to awaken a higher consciousness in his fellow X’ers, Bolt also hosts a radio show called Starseed Radio. ( with topics ranging from self sustainability, spirituality, esoteric topics, holistic practitioners, intuitive counselers and alternative healers. Starseed Radio also features ground breaking conscious content that includes environmental and social change movements, activism, inspiring people to become more actively involved with community to raise awareness.


As a member of a new generation of activists, Bolt and others are networking and mobilizing for substantial change and they are ready to direct their youthful energy to solve real life problems. It’s all about bringing the head, heart and hands together to create a future we want to be a part of. As Bolt states:


“If we’re not happy with the world as we see it, then we need to show up, get involved and be a part of this incredibly important process or no change can happen”

Elizabeth Colton's career includes and bridges diplomacy, journalism, scholarship, U.S. and international politics and education, working in more than 100 countries and speaking/teaching worldwide on six continents. Elizabeth Colton’s diplomatic work includes service as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya, as a United Nations international development planner in New York, and, most recently, as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.  She also served as chief of staff in the US State Department's Bureau of Oceans, Environment & Science during which tour she worked as a chief organizer for a global conference on Antarctica and the Arctic. During her time in the Foreign Service, Colton received four State Department Superior Honor Awards, three Meritorious Awards, and she was nominated by the U.S Embassy in Cairo for State's prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Public Diplomacy.


Prior to joining the Foreign Service, Elizabeth Colton was a journalist covering U.S. foreign policy and major world news.  An Emmy Award winning journalist for ABC News and also executive editor of the Suburban Newspapers of America's "newspaper of excellence," Liz Colton worked in the U.S. and abroad (all over the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa) in all the news media, including also NBC News, Newsweek, National Public Radio, Mutual Broadcasting, Asiaweek, Far Eastern Economic Review,  as executive editor of ten Virginia weekly newspapers, and as a columnist for the Asheville Citizen-Times.


Colton was Professor of Mass Communications, Politics, and Journalism at Shenandoah University where she established the university’s International Journalism Center and also Symposia on Diplomacy and the Media.   During her time as a university professor, Elizabeth Colton was selected as a Fulbright Scholar to the University of Mauritius, a MacArthur Globalization Fellow at the University of Chicago, and a Knight International Journalism Fellow in Sri Lanka and Maldives. She also worked as a media adviser on various U.S. political campaigns. She was a member of the Washington Institute's Presidential Commission for a Blueprint for Peace in the Middle East in 1987-1988 and was a founding member of the Women's Foreign Policy Council in Washington, D.C.  Elizabeth Colton received her B.A. from Randolph-Macon Woman's College, two M.A.s from Vanderbilt University, and a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the University of London School of Economics & Political Science.  Her doctoral research and thesis  were on Maldives and the Indian Ocean.  She also studied a year at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.



E. Colton's Diplomatic Tours of Duty:

U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, 2010-2011

U.S. Consulate-General in Karachi (including Sindh & Baluchistan provinces), Pakistan 2009-2010

U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., Bureau of Oceans, Environment & Science, 2008-2009

U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, 2006-2008

U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, 2005-2006

U.S. Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, 2004-2005

U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, summer 2004

U.S. Embassy in Algiers, Algeria, 2003-2004

U.S. Embassy in Manama, Bahrain, summer 2001

U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2000-2003

Kellie has been working as an awakened activist for over ten years.she began her activism career at a tree-sit called Ferngully, spending 5 months living at 120ft in a giant redwood tree. She returned to society in the midst of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, where she worked as a team leader for Naropa University, and was an avid promoter of voter education. In 2009 she graduated from Naropa University with a degree in Environmental Studies and has been working with communities and fringe populations since. She worked closely with refugees and war survivors at the Rocky Mountain Survivors Center. She has lived and worked on biodynamic and permaculture based urban and rural farms; and helped organize a Permaculture Design Certification Course through the Permaculture Project, in her hometown of Fort Myers, FL. When Kellie is not on tour with the Starseed Society, she lives “off the grid” in her converted school bus.


Kellie’s diverse knowledge and cosmological study; combined with her contagious passion and holistic world-view, bring unique heart and vision to all she does.

Julia’s career has consisted of recognizing the opportunities that are brought before her &

accepting her role in accomplishing the tasks.  These roles have provided Julia with a wealth of experience and skills in organizational and program development and management; coalition and consensus building on community, statewide and national levels; workshops and training for the general public and professional service providers; event coordination and sponsorship; grant writing and funding; financial management and evaluation; natural resource conservation and management; and civil engineering, land surveying, and construction.  

Board Member ~ Eastern Band of Cherokee Seed Corn Family Healing & Housing Program. BA Biology ~ UNC Charlotte ~ Charlotte, NC  / Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi Ayurveda ~ England / Dharma for Children ~ Rigpa Center ~ Germany and France / Kriya Yoga Self-Realization Fellowship ~  Germany / Parenting Training Families International ~ Germany  / Ayurveda: Healing and the Mind Workshop ~ Germany / Laxmi Ayurveda Cooking Course ~ Germany / Barbara Brennen School of Healing Workshop ~ Austria

Releasing ~ Germany / Permaculture ~ NC State University ~ Raleigh NC / Intensive Homeopathy Certification ~ Asheville NC

The Forum ~ Charlotte NC / German Language Studies ~ University of Munich ~ Germany / US Coast Guard Boating and Water Safety Certification ~ Washington DC / Scientific Diver Marine Systems Laboratory ~ Smithsonian Institution ~ Maryland and Germany  / Hands on Science Adult Leader Training and Area Coordinator Training ~ Maryland and Germany

Rick Uflik

Carol Fitzpatrick

Board Member

Board Member



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Steven Schafer  a  Professional-Nonprofit Business Consultant, Fundraiser, Legal Preparer, & Accounting, has 44 years of  self-employment experience, building and selling 8 corporations successfully. 6 years as an Accredited Professional Grant Writer - 26 won grants achieved in 1st year! Volunteer on the Board of Directors of several nonprofit 501c3 corporations worldwide. Member of the Grant Professional Association, owner of independent insurance adjusting and appraisal companies, show-car & antique custom paint restoration shops, parts by Computer Software System Company for salvage yards.  Member of the Independent Insurance Adjusters Association for 28 years. Licensed California multi-line independent insurance adjuster, corporate, for 28 years. Single-parents pastor of Calvary Chapel of South Bay, California for 3 years. 26 years serving the Christian community as a Board of Directors member. Evangelist, Christian MIME street actor, director and producer of Public Access TV productions and currently volunteer as a certified Genesis Christian addiction mentor for alcohol and drug addicts.

Steven Schafer

Board Member

Recently, Daniel has arranged for CTGX Mining to be able to develop a very exciting rare earths, gold and other minerals mining project in Mexico with additional projects expected to follow in other Latin American countries, the Western United States and possibly other locations around the world.

As Founder & Chairman of Chancellor Business Development, he is positioning that company to assist CTGX Mining with new cutting edge technologies, which will help improve mining efficiencies, reduce pollution, protect & improve the environment, and generate new innovative energy efficiencies. Additionally, he is involved in integrating a new & innovative educational/vocational education program, which can also assist CTGX Mining’s social responsibility & sustainability programs – by assisting the local citizenry (in CTGX’s mining project areas) with new and exciting educational opportunities & benefits which go beyond traditional mining interests.

Daniel’s formal education includes an MBA from Harvard University’s renowned Business School of Management, and a BS degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is also a Consultant to the Harvard Angels for their Life

Sciences and Sustainable Energy projects.

Over the past 40 years Michael Mills, as a composer, songwriter, Master Drummer, performing artsit and cultural music educator has rendered his arts and education services to a plethora of schools, events, community centers, libraries, neighborhood parks and concerts throughout the United States of America. New Haven C.E.T.A (Comprehensive Employment Training Administration), as a performing artist and cultural music/history educator visiting New Haven public schools and community centers.Performed for 1995 Special Olympics World Summer Games with opening ceremony, 1,000 voice voice choir and special concert event for SOWG 95 clame Bake hosting more than 1,200 atheletes and their families from around the world. More than 450,000 people attended this 9 day event. Million Mom March (2000-2001, Washington, DC) with Michael Mills and Drums No Guns Commission, Inc. leading drum processional for about 800,000 marchers on the national Mall (May 14, 2000), broadcast live on C-SPAN watched by millions; and the 2001 Hartford Million Mom March (May 14, 2001) MMM event aired (Michael Mills/DNG leading march) on CNN Headline news: President Bush on Gun Violence/Guns in America.

Michael Mills

Daniel Deeter

Board Member

Board Member